You’ve often heard it said that small businesses fail within the first 2 years of launch.  So what happens to the dynamic entrepreneur behind the business when it does?

In short, unless they have managed to establish a personal brand, they come tumbling down with the business.  However, if they have established themselves with a personal brand, it will be much easier for them to relaunch their next business idea.

Consider major entrepeneurs, like Mark Shuttleworth, Tokyo Sexwale and Raymond Ackerman. You may not necessarily remember which company they started out with, but you do know their names and have a good idea of what they stand for.  They found a way to use their personal brand to their advantage.

As an entrepreneur, you need to build a personal brand if you want a long-term career as a business owner.

Personal Branding will help you gain attention

The media is always keen to hear stories from entrepreneurs who are in different stages of business creation and development. You will however, need to become an expert in something that relates to your company or the industry you are in.

Create a website

When people go to Google and do a search for you, what comes up?  Good, Bad?  If you haven’t built a website under your own name (e.g., then people will not know where to find out more about you. So many people research business owners first, before making a decision to purchase from your business. Be sure that your personal website is professional and speaks about you, your beliefs and the reasons why you’re in business. Make sure that your corporate and personal websites are linked to each other. (Ask us how to get you started?)

Associate yourself with big thinkers and game changers

Customers like to see that you are connected to big thinkers and game changers in their industry.  By doing this, they believe that you’re staying ahead of the game and applying innovative concepts to your business models and the offerings you are giving back to them.