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So what is branding?

Branding is a broad term and encompasses a range of ideas, but essentially it boils down to the image your clients visualise and the emotions they feel when they hear your business name.

Branding is different for every business and each is unique. Your branding will depend largely on your business type and your target market.  An informal bistro will have an relaxed, playful and entertaining feel about them, whilst an upcoming IT company’s brand will be more sophisticated and cutting edge.

Do I really need to brand my small business?

In short, absolutely!

Small businesses start with an “Edge”- be it great craftsmanship, unique selling proposition, great service, specialised offerings. However, in a technology age where any service can be researched online and a number of options are available to your client, your business needs to stand out from the word go.  Making sure your online presence looks well put together and then following up that presence with consistent branding on all your other items, instils trust in clients before they even meet you.

Truth be told: we’re all judged on our outer appearance, so make sure that your business’ first impression is a good one.

Isn’t it really expensive?

It depends on where you go.

At Small Business Branding, we’ve worked with a number of small businesses to understand that capital is limited when starting out and that you need to maximise what investment you do have. We offer you the essentials and build your brand as your business starts to take off.

So why us?

We have worked with a number of small businesses, in various industries, over the last 10 years.  Each of which have had their own challenges, but all of them have one thing in common – to get out there looking well put together and having their brand match their unique selling proposition.

We’ve worked with Business Coaches

We have also had the privilege to work with business coaches that have been trained by JT Foxx (leading Wealth Coach).  Amazing people like Sean Dercksen (award winning Small Business Coach) and Cherie Eilertsen (Entrepreneur, Dynamic Presenter and World Renowned Coach). We have been able to work with these coaches and their clients to produce great results for them.  If you need any coaching for your business, we’d be happy to put you in touch.


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